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Got Weird? Do you have a weird locale to tell us about? How about a strange story? Seen something unusual? Or know an old legend? We want your weird stories! The staff of Weird NV can't do it alone, and with your help we can bring alive the weirdness of Nevada. We'd love to hear your stories and see your pictures.

Hell, with your permission, we might even post them on the website. If we have time, we'll even try to investigate some of the more unusual and interesting sites in order to write a full-blown article on it. So send in your weird stories, strange facts, unusual pictures, odd news, etc. Your friends may not want to hear it, but we do! Send all materials by either snail mail to Weird NV c/o Joe Parzanese, 1778 Tonini Drive #22, San Luis Obispo, CA 93405 or by

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Weird Nevada isn't just about us telling stories; it's about all of Nevada telling stories. One giant repository of Nevada legends, Nevada strange, Nevada folklore, rumors, and just plain Nevada weird.

Donate: Weird Nevada only makes money off of the few advertisments you see here on the website. It is not much. If you'd like to donate to Weird Nevada, you can do so through PayPal here. Any amount, even a dollar helps out the website, and is very appreciated. Thanks!

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